Webgains and Social Chain Media: The Results Speak for Themselves!

With an audience of millions, Manchester based Social Chain have arguably one of the largest social media reaches in the world.

Their audience includes a huge portfolio of communities, such as Sporf, Student Problems, Music Life, Gamebyte and more; covering a vast consumer demographic and providing the perfect platform for Webgains’ advertisers to leverage their reach. Sporf & Student Problems currently have the two largest platforms, with a combined social reach of over 24 million!

Partnership opportunities across the social platforms currently include Instagram, Facebook & YouTube, offering a diverse range of content monetisation such as Instagram’s ‘swipe up’ feature, Facebook competitions or product reviews on YouTube – giving Webgains’ brands the ability to seamlessly integrate into Social Chain’s native posts.

Within the first few weeks of this exclusive partnership going live, Social Chain have generated thousands in incremental revenue for multiple Webgains’ advertisers, with Gifting retailers seein particularly impressive results. One Webgains’ advertiser within this sector saw Social Chain generating 45% of their overall program traffic and 15% of total revenue, within the first week of launching the partnership!



Just last week, Social Chain’s  Student Problems community featured a best-selling ‘Friends Monopoly Board Game’ from Truffle Shuffle, which reached an enormous 1.7 million and received thousands of comments

Working with Social Chain’s audiences couldn’t be easier, as their exposure is available to Webgains’ advertisers on a performance-based CPA model, meaning these high impact content posts have absolutely no upfront cost! This is a massive disruption to the current fixed fee affiliate model offered by the majority of content platforms across the industry, so if the tenancy model has been a previous barrier to entry – now is the time to take advantage of this exclusive partnership.

Coming up in January 2020, Webgains and Social Chain Media will be hosting a joint Manchester-based event, for advertisers to meet the Social Chain teams and find out more about this exclusive partnership. The event will include innovative talks, interactive stands, networking drinks, and much more! Want to know more? Please get in touch with our team at socialchainmedia@webgains.com.

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Our advertisers are loving our most recent partnership with @TheSocialChain, check it out! This, plus details of a very exciting upcoming event in our most recent blog post.. https://t.co/8ZifFwRV89 https://t.co/Aw9pkjyGGx
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What a way to start the week!🙌 We could not be more excited to announce the exclusive partnership with @SocialChainMed the world's most engaged social-first publisher


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