Webgains Academy

Packed with free online courses, events and industry-leading workshops, our Academy is designed to give all its members the competitive edge.

What is Webgains Academy?

Webgains Academy is an e-learning and resource centre, not only for Webgains clients but for anybody interested in affiliate marketing and wants to launch a program of their own. Aside from hosting content including webinars, events, e-books, and exclusive industry reports, the Academy provides members with comprehensive courses, training you from the ground up. From the basic concepts to the latest innovation, we turn you from affiliate marketing novice to expert with our step-by-step learning material.

N.B. If you are a publisher or advertiser currently connected to the Webgains network you can register as a client member here.

Courses & Resources

Here’s an example of what you’ll find in Webgains Academy

Web sessions & virtual events

The Academy is home to all of our virtual events and webinars. We have plenty of video content not only focussed on affiliate marketing but so much more.

Downloadable guides

Webgains affiliate marketing ebooks are available to download for free. Taking you from absolute beginner to advanced aficionado.

Affiliate marketing courses

Our courses are free to access and perfect for anyone wishing to learn about affiliate marketing and discover how to kick start your programme.