Future of Retail: An Inside View with Mumtaz Khamker and Jane Aitken

The retail industry has been forced to change dramatically over the past couple of years and its movement continues with new challenges presenting themselves.

A discussion involving retail industry experts Mumtaz Khamker and Jane Aitken, this session looks at both the challenges and the opportunities brands face on and offline in 2022 and beyond. It will be available to stream from 10 am GMT on February 10th 2022 on Webgains Academy.

Many of the topics discussed in this session pick up on themes included in our recent Future of Retail Report created in partnership with PerformanceIN. This can be downloaded for free from here.

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Speakers in this session

Jane Aitken
Asiatic Carpets
Natasha McKenzie
Natasha McKenizie

You can watch our next session ‘Future of Retail: An Inside View’ from 10am on Thursday (10/02/22) on Webgains Academy.

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Clips from our next Transform session Future of Retail: An Inside View’ with Mumtaz Khamker and Jane Aitken
This session covers
  • The biggest challenges for retail over the past twelve months 
  • Competing with Amazon 
  • Why Black Friday 2021 wasn’t all everyone expected 
  • The importance of brand storytelling 
  • What is social commerce and why is it essential for brands to get involved? 
  • China as a retail pioneer and westwards expansion  
  • Dialling down the transactional element of instore retail 
  • What makes Gen-Z tick 

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