Skunkworks with Richie Jones and James Lucas

Our next Transform session is all about the concept of Skunkworks, a term described on Wikipedia to ‘describe a group within an organization given a high degree of autonomy and unhampered by bureaucracy, with the task of working on advanced or secret projects.’ This Transform session puts skunkworks into context and shines a light on its importance for our digital advancement.

Rapid manual testing of high-level assumptions can bring about outstanding innovation with minimal risk. At least, that is what the concept of skunkworks is all about. Join digital experts Richie Jones and James Lucas as they shine a light on this fascinating concept and explain how they apply it in real scenarios with their clients and explain why it is only just getting started.  

Skunkworks will be available to stream from 10am GMT on March 1st 2022 on Webgains Academy.

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Speakers in this session

James Lucas
Richie Jones

You can watch our next session ‘Skunkworks’ from 10am on Tuesday (01/03/22) on Webgains Academy.

In case you haven’t come across Transform before, it is our virtual web series that aims to help both businesses and employees in developing their skills in order to succeed in the ever-changing business environment. Throughout Transform, we’re assembling a range of thought-leaders, change-makers and true industry disruptors to offer their insights on the skills needed to transform your business, life and career.

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Watch the video below to get a taster of this Transform session.

Clips from our next Transform session Skunkworkswith Richie Jones and James Lucas.
This session covers
  • What skunkworks is and how it originated 
  • Real-life applications of skunkworks 
  • Why brands are having to move at pace or get left behind 
  • How skunkworks can be used to accelerate e-commerce 
  • The potential impact of crypto and NFT 
  • The concept of Low-Code and No-Code  
  • Why skunkworks gives more start-ups hope for success 
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